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Get the most out of your training time in the gym with the assistance of a Certified Personal Trainer.

A personal trainer will keep you on track with the goals that you have set for yourself; customize and keep your work-outs interesting and productive. Training is available on an individual basis or in groups up to four. See staff for additional information; see testimonial below.

Norman Smith, Owner - Certified Personal Trainer

Certified through IFPA; 8+ years of personal training experience. Experienced in injury rehabilitation (works with your doctor or therapist), sports specific training.

Single Visit $35.00 per session
Multiple Visits $30.00 per session
2 Persons $55.00 per session

EMail: Norm

Norman Smith

Norman Smith

Alicia Smith, Co-Owner - Certified Personal Trainer

Certified through IFPA; diet and nutrition consultations.

EMail: Alicia

A Testimonial

I have one word for you ..... BELIEVE!!! I came to Norm and asked him to help me (as a personal trainer) gain strength and become fit enough to go dancing all night long in search of that special man, hoping of course to lose pounds along the way. Norm immediately started me on a training program of 3 days per week, starting me out easy allowed me to adjust without pain; he gradually increases the workout, constantly challenging me.

Currently I've been training with Norm not quite 3 months.....The best news is I've lost 30 POUNDS and gained enough strength and agility to take dance lessons three times a week.

Remember this ..... Whatever your mind can conceive and you can BELIEVE, Norm can help you achieve. So get started, don't put it off another day!

Kathy Goen
Kathy Goen


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